Monday, June 22, 2009

Some of the Things We Like

In our efforts as a company, as a consumer, and to contribute to organizations that benefit the environment, our local community, animals and ourselves I have come across a few cute and notable items that I would like to share with everyone. When you shop at over 700 brand name retailers a portion of your purchase (which is tax deductible) will be donated to the charity of your choice. Stores like The Body Shop, Gap, Lands End, Home Depot, Expedia, and Best Buy to name a few. Consider checking it out, and you could also save with coupons and free shipping! We hope to be one of those retailers in the coming months! (Watch for juicy updates).

Whole Foods. Not only do they have a tone of great fun new products, they will not support an industry by selling their product if it does not meet their guidelines. An example of this (which I'm not proud of personally), is Lobster. I went on a search for Lobster this past Fall, only to discover they will not stock it in our local Southern California stores as they do not believe in the methods used to trap/catch/distribute the lobsters. Food for thought, or not.

Local Farmers Markets. Why not support your local farmer? Head out and see what they've got, in most cases they'll barter with you. We have several in our area and every time I go, I find new and fun things I didn't know I needed!

Your local Animal Shelter or Rescue Group. I personally volunteer as much time as possible to our local San Diego Labrador Rescue Group. If you don't have the time to volunteer, consider making a tax deductible donation, or donating pet food/pet beds/old towels/pet gear). The work they do is sometimes heart breaking, but also heart warming when you save, comfort, or adopt a pet in need. We have taken into our home and office 2 beautiful Lab Mix's that I picked up as abandoned and stray in the last few months. Meet Grace and Pepper!

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