Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Be Good to your Skin...

Growing up I was always told that a good bar of soap, and some cream are all a girl needs to get that glowing complexion.

I was one of those teenagers who had a perfect complexion, until I turned 25. That was when I was diagnosed with Adult Acne. How devastating is that? You make it through your hormone raging teen years, only to come down with horribly hideous marks the size of Canada’s landmass all over your face.

I tried the expensive beauty counter products, the mail order and TV infomercial products we see endorsed by celebrities, and piled on makeup 2 inches thick… but it only lead to more breakouts. I went for pricey spa services, scrubbed, buffed, polished, poked, tweezered, squeezed, and stabbed anything that erupted on my face. Nothing worked, even if they claimed they would.

Finally, I had no choice but to give up and face the dermatologist. He then expertly poked, prodded, applied smoking substances, injected, and prescribed cream after cream.

None of these tactics, prescriptions, lotions, or potions helped to heal my complexion. I had to face the fact that I needed to try a very scary prescription. I was warned it would dry out every surface of my body, it would make me sensitive to sunlight & sunburn, I was not allowed to get pregnant and there were potential side effects to my liver. Great. All at the expense of a clear complexion…

5 years later, and several rounds of that scary medication, I had come to a resolution with my skin. I was going to treat it with respect, cleans it, tone it, moisturize it, and stay out of the sun as much as possible (or slather on SPF). I was no longer going to use my finger nails to extract a pimple, I was going to wash my face before going to bed every night … regardless of how tired, over extended, or incoherent I was. And I was going to be good to it, it’s the only skin we’ve got.

If you don’t already have a cleansing routine, or want to try something new, I hope you will try our line of Grace & Pepper Organic products. We will be launching them for you to buy online this summer!

Mel Knight.